On our days off we are hard at work developing our own projects and ideas.


Into The Middle Of Things

Transmedia Documentary


In 2012 we set out on a journey across Australia, stopping in the towns and cities along the way and interviewing total strangers about their lives, their loves and their thoughts on the larger questions of life.

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Douglas Adams Eat Your Heart Out

Short Film


When Douglas Adams hits puberty his childhood love of space comes into conflict with his new found interest in women. Which one will win? Breasts or the moon?

Written / Directed by David Ridley

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Short Film


What is the price we pay by growing up? When do we lose our childhood innocence? Blending documentary and fiction elements, several character's stories intertwine among the comings and goings of one working day in modern toy store.

Written / Directed by Martin Ingle

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A Message To Mere Mortals

Short Film


"How tall are you?" The perennial question asked to the vertically substantive. Here now the definitive answer in a medley of spoken word poetry, animation, charming wit and witless charm. A group therapy session long overdue.  A message to mere mortals.

Written / Directed by David Ridley

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Storytelling on stage

Love Struck

Yarn - David Ridley