Stills Photography is fun, classic and awesome when you get it right. We have a bunch of experience with live events, headshots, portraits, and on location photography.

But it isn't just about pointing a camera. Professional level photography is about the details: an eye for colour, depth, framing and most importantly a subtle appreciation for human emotion and the unique qualities of each subject.

We're involved in a few regular events in Brisbane, so be sure to keep checking back to see what we're up to!

(Click on each photo for an expanded view)

La Vida Empire


This exciting fitness brand La Vida Empire launches in 2016 and we spent a couple of days photographing their 50+ items with some some worldwide fitness pros! Here's just a small selection:




Ruckus Slam

We photograph the monthly event for Ruckus Slam, Brisbane's premiere (and infamous) open mic slam.  Featuring international guests, poets and bands, it is always great fun. We are psyched to be part of the Ruckus family each month!




Headshots and promo photos for the Brisbane based writer, performer, and arts producer.



Vulcana Women's Circus

We were fortunate enough to be asked back to photograph the Vulcana Women's Circus MELT Cabaret 2016 at the Brisbane Powerhouse.




He has a name. But sometimes even he has to pause to spell it. Writer, producer and general entrepreneur and roustabout Doctor Quixote called on us and we couldn't say no.


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